Twenty-seven-year-old Kenardo Audrey Toray Coke, Security guard of 315 Park Avenue, New Jersey, USA was arrested and charged under the Proceeds of Crime Act on Monday, April 10.

Reports from the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Division (CTOC) are that; Coke landed and the Donald Sangster Airport in St. James about 2:30 p.m, and was issued a C-5 form to complete as declaration of the items with which he was travelling.

Coke completed the form and refused to truthfully declare that he was travelling with over Ten Thousand United States Dollars. His luggage was searched and a total of Five Thousand, Two Hundred United States Dollars was found concealed in wigs. He was unable to account for the cash. Further correspondence with United States police department revealed that he was involved in lottery scamming.

He has subsequently been charged with Failure to Report to the Relevant Authority, Concealment of Criminal Property and Possession of Criminal Property.

He is to appear before the St. James Parish Court on Friday April 23, 2021.

Investigations continue.