February 21, 2021 –The efforts of the Matilda’s Corner Police and the Kingston Central Police led to the quick arrest of four suspected robbers on Orange Street, Kingston on Sunday, February 21.

Reports are that about 11:45 a.m., a report was made to the Matilda’s Corner Police about a robbery in the Norbrook area of St. Andrew. The complainant disclosed that the suspected robbers were travelling in a red motor car and that a cellular phone had been stolen. Using the upgraded police radio network, the Matilda’s Corner Police quickly shared the information about the vehicle as well as information about the men’s whereabouts, which was garnered through the use of technology.

The Kingston Central Operational Support Team intercepted the motor vehicle on Orange Street in downtown Kingston. Four men were arrested and two cellular phones seized.

On Friday, February 5, the Matilda’s Corner Police were instrumental in the arrest of four men in Vineyard Town, Kingston 3 after they allegedly robbed a woman in Mona, St. Andrew. The team was commended for their diligence and creative use of technology in the case.

More information will follow.