Operations Officer for the St Catherine North Police, Deputy Superintendent Camendo Thoms, is moving to assure residents that police in the division are committed to tackling the serious problems of burglary, robbery and housebreaking.

DSP Thoms was speaking with the Constabulary Communication Unit (CCU) following the arrest of a would-be burglar and seizure of a firearm in Spanish Town over the weekend. He  reiterated the police’s commitment to the safety and security of its citizens, highlighting a relentless pursuit of justice and protection for the community. “We are here for the long haul. We are determined. We’re focused to ensure that the citizens remain safe within this division. We want for persons to lock up their premises, their businesses and to return in the morning and to see same in the order in which they left it.”

Reports are that about 2:00 a.m. Sunday March 3, the police received reports that men were attempting to break into a business place on St John’s Road. A police team swiftly responded and was met with gunfire upon their arrival. In defence of themselves and the community, the police returned fire, leading to the apprehension of one of the assailants.

The incident not only resulted in the capture of one suspect but also the recovery of a firearm, a crucial piece of evidence in the fight against crime. This success is a direct reflection of the police’s proactive stance against criminality.

Thoms is also issuing a call to action for the community to remain vigilant and secure their properties; reinforcing the interdependent relationship between the police and the public in maintaining order and safety.

DSP Thoms is insistent that the police will continue to search for the men who escaped. “The police will, remain relentless in finding out who the other culprits are. We will leave no stone unturned until we have completed this investigation,” he declared, underscoring the resolve of the divisional leadership to ensure the well-being of its residents.

If anyone has any information they believe can assist in this investigation, they are being urged to contact Police Emergency at 119, Crime Stop at 311, the NIB Tip Line at 811 or the nearest police station.