Schools in the Grange Hill community of Westmoreland are set to reopen for classes tomorrow, thanks to decisive action taken by local police and military forces. This development comes after a recent flare up in gang violence forced educational institutions in the area to close their doors, disrupting the lives of many students and educators.

Head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Area 1, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifford Chambers, provided an optimistic update on the situation. “In response to the fear of crime, violence, and gang activities, we have launched several initiatives with the support of the military. This includes enforcing a curfew and conducting road policing efforts,”ACP Chambers stated.

The police have underscored their commitment to the Grange Hill community not just as a temporary measure, but as a presence aimed at fostering a safe and secure environment over the long haul. “We have been in the space from morning, moving around the various communities which are affected and having discussions with community members. We are getting very, very good support,” ACP Chambers explained.

The Westmoreland Police, headed by SSP Wayne Joseph intends to work closely with all stakeholders, including local schools, community leaders, and residents, to ensure that the peace and safety restored through recent interventions are maintained. Through continuous dialogue, collaborative efforts, and the implementation of comprehensive security measures, the police are committed to standing alongside the Grange Hill community to uphold law and order, ensuring a brighter, safer future for all its members.

Mr Chambers emphasized the collaborative work already being done in Grange Hill, noting that from morning to evening, security forces have been moving around the affected communities, engaging in dialogue and receiving overwhelming support. “We’ve also been in close communication with the principals of both Grange Hill Primary and Grange Hill High School,” Chambers added, underscoring the importance of education and the readiness to resume school activities safely.

Principal of Grange Hill High School, Mrs. Trevine Donaldson Lawrence, expressed her confidence in the measures taken by the police. “Based on the reassurances from the police force and the local support on the ground, we are in a much better position to reopen for face-to-face classes tomorrow,” she stated. This sentiment reflects a community ready to move forward, united in its effort to restore normalcy and safety for its children.

The police’s efforts have not only focused on immediate responses but also on building a long-term relationship with the community. Through discussions and active engagement, they aim to create a secure environment conducive to learning and growth. The initiative has already shown positive results, with significant cooperation from the community, valuable information being shared, and successful recoveries made on the ground.

As schools in Grange Hill prepare to welcome back students, the police continue to encourage anyone with information about violence producers to come forward. If you believe you have information that can assist the police in their investigations, please call Police Emergency at 119, Crime Stop at 311, the NIB Tip Line at 811 or the nearest police station.