As the sun sets on a pivotal chapter in the history of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Major General Antony Anderson’s departure marks the end of an era characterized by profound transformation and renewed commitment to public safety. His tenure, culminated in a dignified Change of Command ceremony on Monday, March 18.


The ceremony, held at the Office of the Police Commissioner, was not just a procedural transition but a celebration of Anderson’s significant contributions. It was here that Dr Kevin Blake, the former Deputy Commissioner, stepped forward to carry the torch passed on by Anderson, amidst tributes that resonated with respect and admiration for the outgoing Commissioner.


The Prime Minister, The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, through a virtual address, encapsulated the sentiment of a nation grateful for Anderson’s exemplary service. “He has conducted himself well, he has served Jamaica well,” Holness noted, lauding the outgoing Commissioner for institutional changes and developments that have unequivocally enhanced the JCF’s operational capacity and public trust.


Under Anderson’s stewardship, the JCF not only embraced technological innovation but became a standard-bearer for efficiency and effectiveness in the region. His efforts to lobby for significant investments resulted in the introduction of cutting-edge technologies like facial recognition systems, license plate readable cameras, and drones, catapulting the JCF into a new era of policing.


Perhaps most notably, under his guidance, the JCF achieved ISO 9001 certification, becoming the only police force in the region to implement a quality management system that significantly uplifts its service delivery standards. This achievement alone speaks volumes about the calibre of transformation Anderson championed—a transformation aimed not just at modernization but at ensuring the JCF’s commitment to excellence in service to the Jamaican people.


The Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang, echoed the Prime Minister’s commendations, highlighting the tangible decrease in major crimes across Jamaica as a testament to Anderson’s effective leadership. “The privilege of working with someone of Anderson’s calibre,” Chang remarked, “has been instrumental in reshaping our national police force into a modern, efficient, and professional unit.”


Anderson’s parting words were a humble acknowledgment of the collective effort and dedication of those who served with him. His gratitude towards the people and their willingness to support the JCF’s evolution underscored his understanding that leadership is as much about fostering growth as it is about recognizing the contributions of every individual in the journey.


Major General Antony Anderson’s tenure as Commissioner of Police will be remembered as a period of significant progress and commendable achievements, setting a high benchmark for future leadership within the JCF. His legacy, characterized by innovation, dedication to public service, and a deep-seated commitment to improving the welfare of JCF members and the Jamaican populace, will undoubtedly inspire continued progress and dedication within the force for years to come.


Reflecting on the tenure that reshaped the JCF, Major General Anderson highlighted the infusion of fresh talent as a testament to the transformation and growth under his stewardship. “The smarts of young and seasoned police within the JCF are indicative of the transformation process and changes,” he reflected, underscoring the critical role of intellectual capital from the rank of constable to commissioner. 


Anderson’s belief in the Force’s potential to become the premier law enforcement agency in the region was unmistakable as he noted, “When you are getting this raw talent to build on, that is your start point and base point for the future of the JCF. I have no doubt that we will grow from strength to strength as an organisation.”


His strategic approach to nurturing this talent was evident in his methodical planning for the force’s future. “We had four people who credibly can run the JCF… that’s a good place to be when you’re looking to change command,” Anderson remarked, emphasizing the importance of having capable leadership ready to steer the JCF forward.


Dr Blake expressed gratitude towards Anderson, acknowledging the formidable foundation laid during his six-year tenure and signalled what is expected to be a seamless continuation of purpose and ambition for the Force.


In his parting words, Major General Anderson extended congratulations to Dr. Blake, coupled with a call to leadership imbued with “wisdom, tenacity, and compassion.” This advice encapsulated the outgoing Commissioner’s hope for the future — a vision where the JCF not only maintains its trajectory towards excellence but also fosters an environment where every officer, irrespective of rank, is empowered to contribute to the nation’s safety and security.