The investigative processes of the Jamaica Constabulary Force are seeing significant advances as detectives are landing more convictions in court due to the continued modernization thrust of the organization.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Fitz Bailey, Head of the Crime and Security Portfolio, is commending investigators who are implementing their training and investigative capacity to go after crime across the island.

 “I think we have some of the finest investigators within the region; investigators who can stand up to any international scrutiny,” said DCP Bailey.

With the resources afforded to the officers under his guard and them being unrelenting in carrying out their duties, DCP Bailey believes we are now seeing the results of the multi-faceted approach being used to tackle criminals.

“Now we are getting more guilty pleas and confessions, people do not confess unless they see that they are cornered, unless they see that there is no way out,” said Bailey, in an interview with the JCF’s Senior Communications Strategist Mr. Dennis Brooks. He continued, “We are more meticulous, we are more thorough, we use science, we use technology and we continue to develop our officers through training”.

DCP Bailey explained that, part of the modernization of the investigative functions of the Constabulary involves an aggressive recruitment programme into the Criminal Investigations Branch (CIB), which is done directly through the National Police College of Jamaica.

 “We have exposed them to significant amount of training so that by the time they become a part of the CIB, they are well advanced in terms of their ability to interview persons, to record statements and to understand the dynamics. They are also mentored by experienced officers and we are seeing significant dividends as result of that,” said DCP Bailey.

Meanwhile, the Crime and Security Head, is sending a message to the country – and criminals in particular – that no one is above the law and the JCF will be unrelenting in their efforts to prosecute those who take part and benefit from criminal activities.

“Overall we are getting better at what we do; not only do I have a team that is competent, we have a team that is patient, a team that is thorough and whether you are a pastor, politician, a police, a businessman, if you are involved in crime we will get you,” the DCP said.