The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona has extended hearty congratulations to Dr. Kevin Blake on his appointment as the new Commissioner of Police for the Jamaica Constabulary Force. 


In a recent publication by the university, Commissioner Blake’s appointment is not only seen personal victory for the Commissioner, but also proud moment for the entire university community and the wider nation. 


Commissioner Blake, a distinguished alumnus of the UWI’s Faculty of Social Sciences, brings to the forefront a wealth of knowledge and experience, shaped both by a decorated 22-year career with the JCF as well as a solid academic background. 


His academic journey, marked by a Master of Science in Computer-Based Management Information Systems, has equipped him with “the analytical acumen and strategic foresight essential for tackling contemporary challenges in law enforcement,” underscoring the fusion of intellectual rigor and practical leadership that he brings to his new role.


The UWI’s tribute to Dr. Blake as a “Championing Change” reflects the collective optimism and support that he garners, not just from his alma mater but from all stakeholders looking forward to continued transformative leadership in Jamaica’s security landscape. The publication argues that his previous role as Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Force Development and Logistics, laid a foundation of “unwavering commitment and exceptional leadership,” setting the stage for his strategic vision as Commissioner.


The UWI says that, as Dr. Blake steps into his role as Commissioner, he is poised to “spearhead initiatives aimed at strengthening community relations, harnessing technological innovations, and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within the force.” These priorities signal a forward-thinking approach to leadership, emphasizing innovation, community engagement, and integrity as pillars of his tenure.


The JCF proudly acknowledges the significance of Dr. Blake’s appointment, which not only highlights his exceptional journey and accomplishments but also showcases the caliber of individuals nurtured within the Jamaican educational system and the ranks of the JCF. His story is a source of inspiration for our JCF members, encouraging each of them to envision and achieve their highest potential for the betterment of our force and nation.