In an emotional and reflective address at the Passing Out Parade of Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) graduates, outgoing Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, expressed confidence in the Force’s future under the leadership of his successor, Commissioner-Designate Dr Kevin Blake. 


As he prepares to demit office on March 18, 2024, after six distinguished years at the helm, Anderson’s speech was not just a farewell but a ringing endorsement of the JCF’s ongoing transformation and the capable hands into which he is passing the baton.


Under a clear Jamaican sky, in front by the eager faces of the latest JCF graduates, Anderson’s keynote address resonated with the optimism and certainty of a leader proud of the strides made under his watch and assured of the Force’s path forward. “Seeing you here today…gives me a sense that I’m leaving the force in good shape and that the direction that we have been going must be continued. It must be and I dare say it will be continued,” Anderson said, underscoring a tenure marked by modernisation, quality improvements, and an inclusive vision for law enforcement in Jamaica.


The outgoing Commissioner emphasised the journey of success the JCF is on, noting, “…the journey doesn’t stop with the endless running one leg. It will not stop with Dr Blake. He’s just running one leg.” This metaphorical handover indicates Anderson’s trust in his successor to successfully carry forward the mission and vision of the JCF, contributing to its ongoing journey of success.


The Commissioner highlighted the advanced training and development opportunities now available to JCF members, from specialized policing courses accredited to Level 4 diplomas, to senior-level management training equivalent to MBAs. This, he noted, is part of a broader initiative to equip the Force with the skills and knowledge to tackle contemporary policing challenges effectively. “It is an exciting time to join the Jamaica Constabulary Force,” Anderson stated, affirming his belief in the JCF’s capacity to adapt and excel in an ever-evolving landscape.


Anderson’s pride in the Force’s achievements was palpable as he spoke of the JCF’s certification under ISO 9001 standards, a testament to its commitment to quality and excellence in service delivery. “We have decided to hold ourselves to a high standard,” he said, a principle that has evidently guided his leadership philosophy.


Perhaps most poignant was Anderson’s confidence in Dr Blake’s ability to steer the Force into its next chapter. His commendation of Blake’s leadership, without a doubt, serves as a powerful vote of confidence from a respected figure in Jamaican law enforcement circles. Anderson’s assurance that the modernizations and transformations initiated during his tenure would continue under Blake’s stewardship underscores a shared vision for the JCF’s future—one rooted in excellence, integrity, and service to the Jamaican people.


As Major General Antony Anderson prepares to pass the torch to Commissioner-Designate Blake, his parting words to the graduates and the JCF at large resonate as a clarion call to uphold the highest standards of policing. “Make sure in all of your conduct that you are not found wanting,” he advised, encapsulating the ethos of responsibility and honour that he hopes will define the Force long after his departure.


In Anderson’s own words, “We are on a journey of success,” a journey that does not end with his tenure but promises to flourish under the leadership of Dr Blake. The outgoing Commissioner’s final address was not merely a farewell but a beacon of hope for the future of law enforcement in Jamaica—a future he believes is in exceedingly capable hands.