Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, says Jamaica is making significant progress in the fight against human trafficking. Commissioner Anderson was speaking at a ceremony marking the opening of a new Child-Friendly Space at the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC), in downtown Kingston. 


The Commissioner commended the commitment and progress of Jamaica’s National Task Force against Human Trafficking and outlined some of the achievements and ongoing challenges in the nation’s fight against this global scourge.


“The national task force is a group of people who are passionate about this and are committed to it,” Anderson stated, acknowledging the dedication of those at the forefront of combating human trafficking. This team’s unwavering commitment is central to Jamaica’s strategy in addressing and preventing these crimes.


Major General Anderson reflected on the country’s efforts to shake off any perception as a trafficking haven. “We’re also committed to ensuring that this country of ours; this brand that is Jamaica; is not seen as a place where it’s a haven for trafficking,” he said. This statement underscores the national effort to redefine Jamaica’s standing in the international arena regarding human trafficking.


The Commissioner pointed out the tangible successes in the legal battle against traffickers. “We are getting some success. We are getting convictions. We have people cases before the courts,” he noted. These successes in the courtroom are pivotal in Jamaica’s efforts, demonstrating a strengthening legal framework and a justice system increasingly capable of handling complex trafficking cases.


A key aspect of Anderson’s address was the emphasis on creating child-friendly spaces. “And we are doing things like this; putting in child friendly spaces, so that we do not re-traumatize the victims,” Anderson explained. The establishment of these spaces is a critical step in providing a supportive and safe environment for young victims, ensuring their protection and aiding in their recovery process.


Anderson’s remarks bring to light the multifaceted approach Jamaica is taking in its fight against human trafficking. It’s a combination of passionate advocacy, legal action, and victim support that forms the backbone of this effort. “And so it’s the combination of these things that make the difference, and will continue to make the difference to what we do,” he concluded.


This combination of efforts reflects a nation committed to tackling a complex and challenging issue head-on. While acknowledging the progress made, we are also reminded of the continuous work needed to combat human trafficking effectively.