Several charges have been laid against 29-year-old Jerod Bell, a construction worker of Shark Avenue, May Pen, Clarendon following an incident at Oliver Place, May Pen in the parish Clarendon on Monday, November 13.

He was charged with Possession of Prohibited Weapon, Using a Prohibited Weapon to commit an offence, Malicious Destruction of Property, and Assault at Common Law.

Reports are that about 12:00 a.m., the woman was home when Bell came and started to argue. The woman ignored him, and he proceeded to walk to the kitchen window where the complainant was standing and pointed a gun at the complainant, and threatened to kill her. The woman became fearful and ran to the back room of the house.  Bell then killed 24 of the woman’s chickens valued at $9,120.00JMD and destroyed (8) flower pots valued at $10,000.00JMD.

A report was made to the police and was subsequently arrested and charged on Wednesday, November 16.  A court date is being finalised.