The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has begun the rollout of its Beat Officer Patrol Division (BOPD) this morning (March 25, 2024) within the Kingston and St Andrew Metropolitan Region.

The Division, which aims to bolster public safety and strengthen community policing efforts, will naturally fall under the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB), led by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Gary McKenzie.

It aims to provide a visible and proactive police presence in key areas across the island. “We are very motivated to introduce the Beat Officer Patrol Division, which represents a significant step forward in our efforts to ensure the safety and security of our communities,” ACP McKenzie told the Constabulary Communications Unit.

ACP McKenzie explains that the BOPD will focus on several key objectives, including High Visibility and Reassurance. “Our primary goal is to enhance public confidence and reassurance through increased visibility on the streets,” stated ACP McKenzie. “The presence of our officers will serve as a deterrent to criminal activity and provide a sense of security to residents and visitors alike.” “An important aspect of its activity is to ensure that citizens who are conducting their affairs within commercial areas will do so safely.”

He further explained that “Effective traffic management is crucial for ensuring the smooth flow of vehicles and pedestrians,” noted ACP McKenzie. “Our officers will play a vital role in regulating traffic, preventing congestion, and promoting road safety.” 

Another key focus of the division will relate to community engagement and information gathering. “We recognize the importance of building strong relationships with the communities we serve,” emphasized ACP McKenzie. “Our officers will be actively engaged with residents, gathering valuable information to support further police action and address community concerns.”

The BOPD will initially deploy five Mobile Support Personnel (MSPs) and 110 officers complimented by Supervisors and managers, with plans for expansion into other urban centres across the country in the near future. “We have taken meticulous care in planning the rollout of the BOPD to ensure maximum effectiveness,” explained ACP McKenzie. “Continuous training, development, and supervision will be key components of our strategy to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and service.”

The establishment of the BOPD reflects the JCF’s commitment to proactive policing and community engagement. With the support of dedicated members and the cooperation of the public, the JCF aims to create safer and more secure neighbourhoods for all Jamaicans.

As ACP McKenzie concluded, “We are confident that the Beat Officer Patrol Division will make a significant impact in reducing crime, enhancing public safety, and fostering a greater sense of unity and trust within our communities.”