At the recent Commander’s Parade in St. Catherine South Division, Deputy Commissioner of Police in Charge of Force Development and Logistics (FDLP), Dr. Kevin Blake, delivered a powerful and insightful keynote address. His focus was on the ongoing transformation within the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). His speech, rich in detail and vision, highlighted the significant strides the JCF has made towards modernization and excellence.


Dr. Blake opened his address by emphasizing the aggressive recruitment efforts of the JCF and the importance of community engagement. “The ‘people’ in our People, Quality and Technology mantra includes not just the people in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, but the people we serve – the schools, the community,” he noted, showcasing the inclusive approach of the JCF in its transformation journey.


Acknowledging the leadership within the JCF, Dr. Blake commended the guidance and support from ACP Gary Griffiths and others who have contributed to the force’s success. “As a resident of this division, I am extremely pleased with the service that I’m getting from the police,” he remarked, underscoring the positive impact of effective leadership on community policing.


Transformation Journey

DCP Blake detailed the extensive transformation journey of the JCF, which dates back to the late 1990s. He reflected on the evolution of units and departments within the JCF, highlighting the shift towards a more strategic and modern approach. “Transformation…is no easy feat. It must transcend leadership, and continue with equal or greater intensity if sustainable changes are to be achieved,” he stated, emphasizing the depth and commitment of the JCF’s transformation efforts.


A significant highlight of Dr. Blake’s speech was the JCF’s achievement of ISO 9001 certification in 2022, a testament to the force’s commitment to high-quality service and processes. “We saw JCF that could integrate within its investigative processes, the most modern state of the art technological tools,” Dr. Blake proudly shared, showcasing the Force’s embrace of technology in policing.


Investment in People and Continuous Improvement

Throughout his address, the Deputy Commissioner stressed the importance of investing in the JCF’s members, their development, and well-being. “Our members, are our most valued assets and that is why they are the highest priority in our mantra for transformation,” he affirmed. This focus on personnel development is central to the transformation strategy of the JCF.


Dr. Blake took the opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements of individual officers, such as Constable Renee Allen, highlighting their significant contributions to the Force and community. This recognition serves as a motivation and inspiration for other officers.


DCP Blake called for continued support and partnership from various stakeholders, reflecting the JCF’s vision of collaborative and progressive policing. “The net gain of triumph for a transformed JCF is too great for each and every one of us to invest in it,” he concluded, encapsulating the collective effort required for the ongoing transformation and success of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.


DCP Dr. Kevin Blake’s address at the Commander’s Parade not only highlighted the significant progress made by the JCF but also laid out a roadmap for its future, emphasizing innovation, community engagement, and a commitment to excellence. As the JCF continues on its transformative journey, it stands as a beacon of modernization and excellence in policing in the Caribbean region.