The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) continues to modernise policing with its innovative approach to handling domestic violence, a prevalent issue in communities across the nation. In a recent radio interview, Police Commissioner, Antony Anderson, spoke about the significant impact of the JCF’s Domestic Violence Intervention Centres.


“A lot of what we do as the police force is not confined to only the other hard side of policing,” began Commissioner Anderson, shedding light on the JCF’s multifaceted approach. “A lot of what we do is an investment in communities, interventions in communities.”


Highlighting a prime example of this approach, Commissioner Anderson revealed, “We have 10 Domestic Violence Centres across the country.” These centres, a relatively recent addition to the JCF’s community outreach initiatives, have had a profound impact on how domestic violence cases are reported and handled.


In 2023, a staggering 8500 cases of domestic violence were reported. “Of those, 6000 of them were reported at the centres as opposed to at a police station,” Commissioner Anderson disclosed. This shift in reporting indicates a significant change in public perception and trust in the police force’s ability to handle such sensitive matters.


Commissioner Anderson reflected on the potential outcomes had these centres not existed. “If we hadn’t had those centres, I’m not sure how many of that 6000 would actually be reported at all.” This statement underscores the critical role these centres play in encouraging victims to come forward in a supportive environment.


The Commissioner’s vision extends beyond just responding to incidents of domestic violence. “We don’t want to make sure that the first time we see a problem occurring is when it becomes a crime,” he explained. The goal is proactive intervention – to step in before situations escalate to criminal levels.


“We have seen some deadly things happen even within families,” Commissioner Anderson remarked, highlighting the urgency of early intervention in domestic conflicts. The JCF’s Domestic Violence Intervention Centres are not just facilities for reporting crimes; they are beacons of hope and safety for those seeking help.


These centres exemplify the JCF’s commitment to ‘community policing’ – a strategy that goes beyond traditional law enforcement. By focusing on prevention, support, and early intervention, the JCF is not only addressing the issue of domestic violence but is also fostering trust and cooperation within the communities it serves.


Commissioner Anderson’s message is clear: the JCF is dedicated to creating a safer, more supportive Jamaica, where intervention and prevention are as crucial as enforcement. The success of the Domestic Violence Intervention Centres is a testament to this commitment, marking a new chapter in the JCF’s approach to policing and community engagement.