A Manchester native has been charged with Murder following an incident in Green Pond district in the parish on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

Charged is Evon Anthony Edwards, also known as ‘Tunny’, a 42-year-old auto body workman of Green Pond district, Manchester. He is charged with the death of 19-year-old Dane Wright, also known as ‘Daney’, a labourer, also of Green Pond District, Manchester.

The fatal confrontation unfolded at a garage in the area, involving Wright and Edwards, accompanied by three others. During the dispute, Edwards reportedly flung a frozen water bottle, striking Wright on the left side of his head and inflicting a wound. He died while being treated at hospital.

Edwards was initially charged with Wounding with Intent; however the charge was upgraded to murder following postmortem results which outlined the cause of death – blunt force trauma.

Edwards’ court date is being arranged.