The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in partnership with the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) launched a major operational initiative Operation Relentless II’,   targeting criminal gangs and gangsters involved in violent crimes or other aspects of the illicit gun trade. Associated lottery scamming and narcotics activities which fund these guns are also being focused on.

The initiative was launched today, Friday, September 23 with an emphasis on the Divisions having the highest levels of violent crimes. Among the major drivers of the recent violence are ongoing conflicts among persons involved in the scamming underworld as well as internal conflicts within criminal organisations over illegal firearms and ill-gotten gains.

The operations come in anticipation of the new Firearms Act that is expected to bring tougher penalties for possession and use of illegal guns.

Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson says that the launch of “Operation Relentless II” follows ongoing intelligence and data analysis of the violent crimes committed in the Divisions of concern. A series of joint planning activities with the JDF, as well as plans developed at the JCF High Command, Area and Divisional Command levels will be executed under Operation Relentless II.

“This operation features a suite of specific and planned tactical operations designed to target those gunmen, scammers and other criminals who have no regard for life and who have been behind the recent shootings and murders,” Commissioner Anderson said.

“We have been gathering intelligence on persons who are funding these violent crimes through lottery scamming and drug trafficking activities with a view to prosecution. We will also be working with other local and overseas law enforcement partners to capture and extradite some of these persons”, he continued.

Additional manpower and mobility support is being allocated to the Divisions of focus to resource the planned operations.

“If you see unusual numbers of police and military carrying out activities in your communities, don’t be alarmed. It is part of a series of intelligence and data-driven operations that will be carried out across several divisions throughout the rest of the year”, says Commissioner Anderson.

Members of the public are being asked to be patient and cooperative as the security forces carry out these operations. We also ask that you report any strange persons seen in your communities and be on the lookout for wanted persons.

The public can contact us by calling the JCF Tipline at 811, Police Emergency at 119 or CRIME STOP at 311.