Police Seize High-Powered Weapons

With a commitment to creating safer communities and roadways, the Hanover Police have heightened their operational activities throughout the parish, resulting in the seizure of  two high powered rifles and a pistol along with 139 assorted rounds of ammunition on Sunday, December 15.

A team of officers assigned to the Hanover Division carried out a pre-dawn operation in Dry Hill district in the parish, a house was searched  and officers found:

  • One M16 rifle, One Ak 47 rifle,
  • One Single Action Browning pistol,
  • One M16 magazine,
  • Three AK 47 magazines,
  • Four 9mm magazines – one of which is extended,
  • One Uzi Sub-machine magazine, 
  • Fifty- nine 7.62 rounds of ammunition,
  • Sixty-nine 5.56 rounds of ammunition,
  • Twenty 9mm rounds of ammunition and
  • One .45 round of ammunition.

Three persons including a female were taken into custody in relation to the seizure. However, their identities are being withheld pending further investigations.

Divisional Commander Superintendent Sharon Beeput said with several events scheduled to take place throughout the parish during the Yuletide season, the operations were apart of the operational strategy to ensure the safety and security of residents and visitors alike.

This seizure brings the tally of firearms and ammunition seized in the month of December to 18 firearms and 525 assorted rounds of ammunition.

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