A 47-year-old carpenter who pleaded guilty to breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act was fined JMD 450,000 or 9 months in prison at hard labour when he appeared before the Corporate Area Parish Court on Friday, January 5.


He is Mark Spencer, a carpenter of Newland district, Windsor Castle, Portland. Spencer was slapped with the fine by Parish Court Judge Mrs P Blake-Powell, following an April 23, 2021 incident in which 0.2 kilograms of cocaine was found in his possession after lawmen searched a Toyota Succeed motor car Spencer was driving. The find was made during an operation by the Narcotics Police on Mountain View Avenue, Kingston.


He was fined JMD 150,000 or 3 months imprisonment for possession of cocaine, and JMD 300,000 or 6 months imprisonment for dealing in cocaine.