‘Put the Tech to Good Use!’ – Commissioner insists NO Stalling JCF’s Technology-Driven Transformation

In the latest edition of “Commissioner’s Corner,” Police Commissioner Dr Kevin Blake delves into the sixth strategic priority of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF): Enhancing Efficiency Through Technology. This focus reflects the strategic imperative aimed at transforming the Force into a more effective and efficient entity. Commissioner Blake’s insights shed light on the pivotal role of technology in contemporary policing, urging a paradigm shift towards a digitally-enabled law enforcement framework.


This week Commissioner Blake articulates the critical need for technology in enhancing organizational efficiency. He states, “Law enforcement organisations the world over have long recognized that the management of crime is highly dependent on the ability to manage information and knowledge.” This recognition underscores the necessity of integrating sophisticated information systems to support law enforcement activities.

Historical Context and the Path Forward

The Commissioner provides a very useful historical perspective on the JCF’s journey towards technological integration. Referencing past reports such as the Wolfe Report (1993) and the JCF Corporate Strategy (1998), he highlights the longstanding recognition of the need for modern information systems. However, he candidly admits, “While there was agreement from all fronts, and measured efforts over the years, we had not been able to fully achieve this. One of the reasons for this was the absence of a deliberate strategic focus, and an appropriate governance framework.” This reflection on past challenges emphasizes the critical importance of strategic planning and governance in successful technology implementation.

Highlighting the strides made in recent years, Commissioner Blake underscores the significant investments in infrastructure, training, and business process automation. He notes, “By having technology as a key strategic focus, much of what has caused the inertia over the years has been addressed, and we are well on our way to achieving organizational effectiveness through the use of technology.” This statement signifies a transformative shift, driven by deliberate and strategic investments in technology.


The Imperative of Effective Use

Of note is the fact that the Commissioner uses the Force Orders this week to issue a call to action for the effective use of technological tools, urging commanders and supervisors to leverage systems such as the Amber Connect fleet management and vehicle tracking system. He stresses, “Let us ensure that we use the Amber Connect fleet management and vehicle tracking system to ensure that there is visibility on our deployed assets, for accountability and officer safety. Let us also ensure that when the Case Management and Station Records Management Systems are rolled out in your Station they are used effectively.” It is a call that stakeholders both within and outside of the Constabulary would be wise to heed. This emphasis on accountability and safety underscores the practical benefits of these technologies.

Embracing the Vision

This week, Commissioner Blake’s column is a call for embracing a technology-driven future in law enforcement. His insights highlight the strategic importance of technology and urge a cultural shift towards leveraging digital tools for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. As the JCF navigates its transformation journey, the integration of technology stands out as a cornerstone of its evolution, promising a more responsive, accountable, and capable police force.

By embedding technology into the fabric of the JCF, Commissioner Blake envisions a future where law enforcement is not just reactive but proactive, leveraging big data and digital tools to anticipate and mitigate crime. This vision calls for widespread awareness and support, underscoring that the path to a safer, more secure Jamaica is paved with technological innovation and strategic foresight.