Thirty-one-year-old Theodore Barnett of Palm Road, Westchester, Portmore, St. Catherine was charged with Larceny of Motor Vehicle, Conspiracy to Larceny, and Malicious Destruction of Property following an incident along Hatfield Road in the parish on Sunday, January 21.

Reports are that about 7:00 p.m., Barnett and another man rented a motor vehicle from a woman with an agreement to return it on January 21. She later received a notification on her cellphone indicating that her vehicle tracking system had been compromised. All efforts to contact Barnett and his accomplice proved futile.

The tracking device was later located at the back of a house in the Kingston 20 area however, the vehicle could not be found.

When the vehicle was returned on the promised date a report was made to the police. Barnett was thereafter taken into custody and charged after a question-and-answer session.

His court date is being arranged.