Investigators assigned to the St. Catherine South Police Division have listed several men from the Gregory Park area as Persons of Interest, because they believe they can assist them with ongoing investigations in the division. The men are urged to report to the Portmore Police Station by 6:00 p.m., on Sunday, August 15.


The Persons listed are:

Banga Gully Community

·         Richard Hemley, otherwise called ‘Devils’

·         Ricardo Dixon, otherwise called ‘Breeda’

·         Ryan Muir, otherwise called ‘Titty Man’

·         Junior Wint, otherwise called ‘Big Red’

·         Christopher Barrett, otherwise called ‘Chicken Back’

·         A man known only as ‘Rambo’


Mexico Community

·         Javani Rodney, otherwise called ‘PimPim’

·         Ricardo Bird, otherwise called ‘Fuller’

·         A man known only as ‘Dog Shot’


Gulf Community

·         A man known only as ‘Te-Te’


Train Line Community

·         Rohan Moore, otherwise called ‘Sudar’

·         A man known only as ‘Travis’

·         A man known only as ‘Danny Boy’

·         A man known only as ‘Sulal’


Watson Grove Community

·         Marlon Phipps, otherwise called ‘Beano’.


The Portmore Police are asking anyone who know the whereabouts of the individuals listed to contact them at 876-949-8422, the police 119 emergency numbers or the nearest police station.