March 03, 2021 –A St. Thomas man who was found growing close to 1000 ganja plants at his home in Dumfries, St. Thomas in mid-February has been charged by the Narcotics Police after he was handed over by his lawyer on Tuesday, March 2. 

He is 44-year-old Royan Harris of Dumfries, St. Thomas. 

Reports are that on Thursday, February 18, lawmen conducted an anti-narcotics operation at Harris’ home where 113 ganja plants were seen growing on the roof of his house. Additionally, an adjoining field, which he identified as his, was found with 806 ganja plants. 

Harris fled the scene after reportedly telling the police that he had a licence to cultivate the ganja for sacramental purposes.

Investigations continued and it was revealed that no licence was issued to Harris. A warrant was obtained for his arrest and the cultivation destroyed. 

Harris was subsequently handed over to the Narcotics Police by his attorney-at-law and was charged with the offences of:

1. Possession of Ganja

2. Dealing in Ganja

3. Cultivating Ganja 

He is to attend the St. Thomas Parish Court on Friday, March 12, 2021.