Twenty-Five Officers Receive Awards in Kingston Western Division

Twenty-five Police officers from the Kingston Western Division were presented with special awards by the Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson on Friday, December 6. The officers were recognized and commended for their contribution and commitment in making their communities safer during the Kingston Western Division’s annual conference and award ceremony at the Heart Trust Garmex facility in Kingston.

The Police officers from the Dehnam Town , Trench Town, Admiral Town,  Tivoli Garden and Darling Street Police Stations were in attendance as Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson spoke in length on Policing despite challenges.

The Commissioner took the opportunity to remind officers that Policing is not a job. “If you don’t have a passion for it, you won’t last. The fact that you all have lasted in the midst of the challenges is commenable!” he stated.

Officers were reassured of new technological advances to come on stream within the JCF to aid them carrying out their duties more effectively. These technologies include, an updated microwave system that will carry five times the amout of data islandwide and the introduction of digital station records to replace over 30 paper-based registers. Additionally, license plate recognition cameras on Police vehicles and traffic lights will be in place to assist in policing the nation’s roadways.

Major General Anderson shared that the changes are set to commence in the year 2020 and will ultimately increase the JCF’s continued  effort to be a Force for good.

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