The Westmoreland woman who initially gave her name as Tanya Lewis that was featured on the JCF Wanted Wednesday campaign has been charged.

She has been identified as 29-year-old Crestida Lewis, otherwise called ‘Tanya’, of New Building district, Naine, Westmoreland.

Reports from the police are that the accused was employed as a cashier at a business establishment in the parish when she was given over 900,000.00 JMD to deposit into an account. It is alleged that Lewis did not make the deposit and failed to hand over the cash to her employer. She was contacted on several occasions; however, all checks made were futile.

On Wednesday, April 10, Lewis turned herself in after she was featured on social media as wanted and was subsequently charged with Larceny as a Servant. She is scheduled to appear before the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Court on Tuesday, April 23.