More charges for teen nabbed in cellular phone robbery

A teenager who was nabbed on Monday, December 9 after allegedly robbing a cellular phone in downtown Kingston has now been linked to another crime in the area.

According to the Kingston Western Police, while in custody on a charge of Robbery with Aggravation, investigations revealed that the teen had been fingered in a March 2019 incident of shop breaking and larceny that was committed at a bar on Pechon Street, Kingston. As a result, the teenager, who has been identified as 19-year-old Adrian McKnight of Oakland Road, Kingston 11, has been slapped with additional charges of Shopbreaking and Larceny. He is to appear in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court in the coming week

Car thief charged by Police

The St. Catherine South Police are reporting a breakthrough in a case in which a taxi operator was robbed at gunpoint of his motor car and other belongings at the Southborough roundabout in Portmore in the parish on Wednesday, December 11.

According to investigators, detectives have recovered the motor car and arrested and charged a suspect in connection with the incident.

The accused man is 25-year-old Cheddo Murray, otherwise called ‘Diego’, a graphic artist of Daytona, Portmore in St. Catherine. He has been charged with Robbery with Aggravation and Illegal Possession of Firearm.

It is alleged that about 9:15 p.m., Murray and another man boarded a taxi, posing as passengers. Murray then reportedly brandished a firearm and robbed the taxi operator of cash and his motor car. The taxi operator escaped from the vehicle and reported the matter to the Police. After intense investigations, the motor car was recovered in St. Andrew and Murray arrested. He was subsequently placed on an identification parade, where he was pointed out by the complainant.

Murray’s court date is being finalized.

Church Leader Charged For Rape

A man identified as a church leader is to appear in the Hanover Parish Court on Tuesday, December 17 after he was charged with seven counts of rape by the Hanover Police.

The man was arrested on Monday, December 10, by a patrol team that team observed him beating a child in Barnes Lane, Mount Pelier community in Sandy Bay, Hanover. After conducting follow-up enquiries, the sexual misconduct allegations came to the fore, and detectives from the Hanover Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse were called in to bolster the investigative team.

Investigations turned up several allegations of sexual misconduct concerning children in the community. After collecting several statements, the man was subsequently charged. Investigators are now appealing to persons who may have been victims of the man, or who may have any information that can assist them to contact the Hanover CISOCA at 876-953-5312, or 956-2304, Police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station. 

Half-Way-Tree Police Warn Citizens

The Half Way Tree Police in St. Andrew is warning job seekers to beware of fraudsters who have been using an employment agency called Global Employees Services to fleece several unsuspecting persons of cash.

Investigators say the fictitious agency places ads online and in local newspapers, promising jobs for persons. Persons are asked to pay a registration fee, and in some cases, for medicals and uniforms. The jobs never materialize.

The Police say though they have been tracking the agency’s operations, the fraudsters remain elusive. With at more a dozen reports in recent times, they are now warning persons seeking jobs to be careful. 

Among the things to watch out for are:

  1. Agencies that charge exorbitant registration fees
  2. Agencies that ask persons to pay for ID cards, uniforms, medicals and other work-related paraphernalia 
  3. Agencies without a working telephone number or address

The Police are also reminding persons that the Ministry of Labour maintains a list of approved employment agencies on its website. Persons should always check this list before engaging an employment agency.

Police Seize High-Powered Weapons

With a commitment to creating safer communities and roadways, the Hanover Police have heightened their operational activities throughout the parish, resulting in the seizure of  two high powered rifles and a pistol along with 139 assorted rounds of ammunition on Sunday, December 15.

A team of officers assigned to the Hanover Division carried out a pre-dawn operation in Dry Hill district in the parish, a house was searched  and officers found:

  • One M16 rifle, One Ak 47 rifle,
  • One Single Action Browning pistol,
  • One M16 magazine,
  • Three AK 47 magazines,
  • Four 9mm magazines – one of which is extended,
  • One Uzi Sub-machine magazine, 
  • Fifty- nine 7.62 rounds of ammunition,
  • Sixty-nine 5.56 rounds of ammunition,
  • Twenty 9mm rounds of ammunition and
  • One .45 round of ammunition.

Three persons including a female were taken into custody in relation to the seizure. However, their identities are being withheld pending further investigations.

Divisional Commander Superintendent Sharon Beeput said with several events scheduled to take place throughout the parish during the Yuletide season, the operations were apart of the operational strategy to ensure the safety and security of residents and visitors alike.

This seizure brings the tally of firearms and ammunition seized in the month of December to 18 firearms and 525 assorted rounds of ammunition.

JCF Hosts Technology Expo

TheJamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) began the observation of its 152nd anniversary with an Open Day and Expo at the Elletson Road Police Station in Kingston on Monday, November 25.

The Open Day served as a medium to engage citizens and to let them know how their Police Force has been adopting new technology to better keep them safe. Students from various schools participated and interacted with police officers.

Among the technology assets on display were body cameras, which officers wore throughout the day. Body cameras are part of the strategy to improve transparency in Police interactions with the public by ensuring greater accountability. Also displayed were new multifunctional tablets. The units allow Police officers to transmit messages over the Police radio network, make regular telephone calls as well as  query several databases, such as wanted persons and persons with outstanding warrants.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Orrette Bascoe, who directed the activities at Elletson Road on Monday, made the JCF’s intention clear stating, “These initiatives and technologies are ultimately to ensure that we are doing our best as law enforcers to keep the people of Jamaica safe.”

He disclosed that one of the most anticipated technology projects for the upcoming year is a system where members of the public can use online portals to make reports of particular incidents. He explained that the online system is part of a wider expansion of the Force’s communication capabilities saying that the JCF’s microwave network, which carries data, was recently upgraded and now has five times greater capacity.

Festive Season Safety Tips

The Police are advising members of the public that as we enter into the 2019 Yuletide season, they should adopt safe practices and be very vigilant as they conduct business and traverse public places. The increase in business and recreational activities usually attracts criminal elements, who may seek to commit robberies and deceive unsuspecting patrons and consumers.

The Police will continue to increase their presence on the roads across the island to minimize attacks by criminal elements and also provide a quick avenue for persons to report suspicious activities.

Here are some of the ways in which members of the public can help the Police to keep them safe this season:


  • Ensure that valuable personal possessions (e.g. cash and high-end electronic devices) are properly secured or concealed. If you intend to conduct business involving large amounts of cash with someone, feel free to do so at a Police Station or some other safe location.
  • Avoid wearing excessive jewellery, particularly gold, especially when walking in areas with high pedestrian traffic.
  • Always ensure that your house and car keys are easily accessible to minimize the time it takes to enter homes and vehicles.
  • Walk-in well-lit areas and avoid walking alone. If you think you are being followed, trust your instincts and proceed to a crowded area, maintain your vigilance, and seek assistance.
  • Do not leave valuable items on motor vehicle seats or areas within the vehicle that make them visible to passers-by.
  • Avoid taking large sums of money to/from the bank or directing employees to do so. Employ a reputable security service to handle deposits to financial institutions or seek the assistance of the Police. Persons using Automated Teller Machines are also urged to be vigilant and protect their debit/credit card information.
  • Travelers are urged to be alert at the airport and be mindful of people who are not legitimately authorized to load and unload vehicles or provide transportation. If you believe you are being followed, proceed to a busy location and contact the Police immediately.


  • If you can, invest in safety features for your home. This may simply take the form of sturdy locks and doors, or more advanced home security systems.
  • Be careful who has access to your home. Crafty robbers sometimes pose as household employees, such as gardeners and domestic helpers, then use the opportunity to steal items from your home.
  • Since children might be home for the holidays, teach them not to speak to strangers and shout for help if they feel unsafe. Also, teach them to never give out personal information and how to contact the Police. Always leave children at home you can instead leave them in the care of trusted relatives or a responsible caregiver.


  • When taking public transportation, especially taxis, always remember to note the license plate number, colour and make of the vehicle. Always let someone you trust know when you board a taxi and share this information with them. Be wary of drivers who ask you to divert from planned routes.
  • Taxi drivers are also being warned to be alert and look out for criminals who pose as genuine passengers, avoid carrying groups of men and be wary of passengers who ask you to divert.
  • Do not drink and drive. Have a designated driver when you attend events in case you consume excessive alcohol. Also ensure your vehicles are properly secured at these events.
  • Obey all the road codes when travelling and comply with the instructions of the Police.

We urge the public to not be hesitant in reporting crimes to the Police 119 emergency number, Crime Stop at 311 or the nearest Police Station.