Head of the Constabulary’s Administration Portfolio, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Richard Stewart, has indicated that as part of the succession planning and development of leaders from within the organization, the Accelerated Promotion Programme (APP) has been launched to help fill potential managerial gaps.


DCP Stewart in making the case for the need for the programme said that only about two per cent of the JCF is within the officer corp, 21 per cent being supervisors from corporal to inspector, with an additional 67 per cent being line staff, which includes District Constables.


In addressing the participants, DCP Stewart said remaining on the programme is not automatic but requires each participant to apply themselves to the rigorous training regimen for the duration of the course.  


“Continuation in the programme requires that you show braveness at all times and all stages. It is hard to get on this programme but it is easy to get off… therefore at all times, you have to be at your best,” reiterated DCP Stewart in his address to the fourteen participants.