Detectives assigned to the St. James Division have laid charges against a man who was taken into custody in connection with the Monday, November 6 shooting, which claimed the lives of three persons, including seven and 9-year-old boys, in Flower Hill, Salt Spring, St. James.

Charged with triple Murder and two counts of Shooting with Intent is 26-year-old Travis Tummings, otherwise called ‘Chi Chi’, roof tiler of Barrett Town in the parish.

The charges relate to the deaths of 26-year-old Tevin Hayle, otherwise called ‘Bancel’, a labourer; 7-year-old Justin Perry and 9-year-old Nahcoliva Smith, student all of Salt Spring addresses.

Reports from the Montego Hills Police are that about 5:30 p.m., the children were travelling in a taxi along the Flower Hill main road in Salt Spring when Hayle boarded the vehicle. Upon entering the said car, Tummings armed with a gun, alighted from nearby bushes and opened fire, hitting the occupants’ multiple times. The driver managed to transport them to the station, and they were assisted to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

Between 3:30 and 8:30 p.m. on Friday, November 17, a joint police-military-coordinated, intelligence-led operation was successfully carried out, resulting in the capture of Tummings at a guest house in Barrett Town, St. James.

On Saturday, November 25, Tummings was positively identified on an identification parade.

and charges were subsequently laid.

His court date is being finalised.