The Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, delivered a powerful message to the largest batch ever of prospective Corporals undertaking the Corporal Development course.


In an inspiring visit to the National Police College of Jamaica (NPCJ) on January 3, 2024, Commissioner Anderson, accompanied by the Acting ACP in charge of the NPCJ, marked a significant moment in the history of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), symbolizing the organization’s commitment to nurturing a new generation of managers and leaders.


This historic group of 106 Constables, comprised of both men and women, embarked on their transformative journey on November 10, 2023. They have since been rigorously training, maintaining high physical fitness standards, attending diverse lectures and presentations, and excelling in written examinations. As their eight-week course nears completion on January 13, 2024, all 106 Constables remain steadfast, eagerly anticipating their new roles as supervisors who will “continue to be ‘A Force for Good.'”


Commissioner Anderson’s visit was not only ceremonial but deeply motivational. He addressed the importance of their work during the Christmas period and emphasized the ongoing initiative to train more supervisors to replace those retiring or leaving the force. His message was clear: the JCF is actively creating pathways for promotion, recognizing the critical need for a substantial increase in supervisory and leadership roles within the force.


The Commissioner’s encouragement was poignant. He highlighted the current opportunity-rich environment within the JCF, where rapid promotions are not only a possibility but a necessity to meet the organization’s goals. With the officer core at a mere 1.9% and a target of reaching at least 4%, Major Anderson stressed the urgency and the potential each member holds for further advancement.


“Promotion is not just about giving a Police more money, but for that Police to lead and guide their juniors,” Commissioner Anderson shared with the budding Corporals. His words underlined the gravity of their roles as future leaders who are expected to mould and inspire their juniors.


This batch, chosen for their potential and capabilities, represents the JCF’s vision for the future – a vision of progress, leadership, and continuous improvement. The Commissioner noted the importance of their selection and the expectations placed upon them to excel and make their superiors proud.


As the JCF continues to evolve, the focus on developing a robust leadership pipeline from across the island is paramount. The NPCJ plays a crucial role in this evolution, creating a structured and comprehensive environment for learning and growth. This initiative is more than just a training program; it’s a testament to the JCF’s dedication to its members’ development and the overall enhancement of the organization’s effectiveness and public image.


The JCF stands at a pivotal point in its history, with opportunities for advancement and leadership development at an all-time high. As these 106 Constables transition to their new supervisory roles, they carry with them the hope and expectation of a brighter, more effective JCF, ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.