April 09, 2020- The Police High Command is advising members of the public who may have questions or concerns regarding the categories of exempted persons under the current curfew order, to contact the JCF COVID-19 Command Centre at 876-702-5103 or 876-702-5106.


The COVID-19 Command Centre is operating 24hours each day and is available to answer questions and provide clarification when needed. For all emergency matters, persons are asked to call the Police Emergency Communication Centre (PECC) at 119.


Additionally, the public is being reminded that the Constabulary intends to strictly enforce the provisions under the Disaster Risk Management Act in order to help keep you safe.


For persons who have been exempted, a valid work photo identification must be presented to an officer when requested as well as provide a reason for being out during the hours of the curfew. Exempted categories of persons should only be outside their premises if they are either heading to work or heading home from work or any other activity associated with their jobs. An exemption is not an indication that persons should be outside their premises without good reason.