Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses

  • Reduce cash held on the premises to a workable minimum.
  • Implement a system whereby excess cash is removed to a secure area.
  • Place emergency numbers where attendants can easily see them.

To reduce fraud:

  • Only accept cheques and credit cards when presented with an acceptable form of identification.
  • Accept credit cards only if signed at the back and with valid dates.
  • Hold the card and watch the customer sign the voucher or cheque.  Check and compare the signature on the card against the signature on the voucher or cheque.
  • Rub your thumb over the signature strip – the signature strip should be flush with the card and this allows you to detect whether the strip has been tampered with.

Transporting Cash:

Money in transit is vulnerable. When possible use a cash-transit company particularly for large sums of money.

If you choose to transport cash on your own, consider the following to reduce the risk of falling prey to criminals:

  • Assign more than one well-trained person to the task.
  • Company uniforms should not be worn but if they are, they should be covered by other clothing.
  • Avoid using public transport.
  • If using private transport keep the doors locked at all times.
  • Avoid quiet streets and vary the route and time of travel.
  • Do not advertise the fact that you are carrying cash.
  • Ensure the time of return is known so an alarm can be raised if necessary.
  • Be aware of drivers of vehicles or people behaving suspiciously.

Do not put yourself at risk – hand the money over if you are confronted.

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