The Police are advising patrons who will be attending the Inter-Secondary School Sports Association (ISSA) Boys’ and Girls’ Championships, which will be held at the National Stadium from Tuesday, April 5 to Saturday, April 09, of the following restrictions.

No firearms, knives, ice picks, machetes, aerosol sprays, large igloos, glass bottles, lighters, frozen water or drinks, DVD or video recorders, alcohol and umbrellas with pointed tips will be allowed inside the venue.

Additionally, no smoking will be allowed inside and persons found in breach may be asked to leave the stadium. Also, the walk-ways should be kept clear at all times in cases of emergency and there will be a no re-entry policy.

Licensed firearm holders are being advised to make alternative arrangements for the safekeeping of their firearms, as no provisions will be made at the venue or at the Stadium Police Station. 

Patrons are also being reminded that all persons entering the stadium will be subject to search.  Meanwhile, vendors are being warned that vending will not be tolerated outside the designated areas.

Sanitizing stations will be at all entrances to the National Stadium; the wearing of masks is encouraged.

Let’s make this year’s championship a success by complying with the protocols established.