In a significant move to enhance national security and public safety, Jamaica has received a donation of 210 state-of-the-art surveillance cameras from the Republic of Korea. 

The handover ceremony held on Tuesday April 16, at the Ministry of National Security. Commissioner Blake expressed gratitude and outlined the implications of this partnership for Jamaica’s technological advancement in law enforcement.

Dr. Blake highlighted the longstanding diplomatic relationship between Jamaica and South Korea, dating back to 1962, praising the donation as a testament to their enduring partnership. “It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge the generous donation and to reaffirm a partnership that extends beyond mere transfer of technology,” Dr Blake said, emphasizing the mutual commitment to shared security and prosperity.

The new surveillance equipment will be integrated into Jamaica’s national security infrastructure, enhancing the “Jamaica Eye” surveillance system. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to modernize the Jamaica Constabulary Force through technology-driven transformations, including upgrades to technology infrastructure, automation of business processes, and improvements in cyber security.

“These 210 state of the art surveillance cameras will enhance our Jamaica Eye surveillance system. And augment the work we do daily,” Dr. Blake explained. The cameras are set to improve public space monitoring, traffic management and investigative capabilities across the island.

Commissioner Blake described the surveillance system as a crucial component in modern policing, serving as a “force multiplier” in ensuring public order and safety. “The importance of surveillance systems in modern policing cannot be overstated,” he said, underscoring their role in providing quicker responses, gathering indisputable evidence, and ensuring a safer environment for both citizens and visitors.

The contribution aligns with the Government’s Sectoral Entities (GSEs) technology-driven transformation agenda, which Dr. Blake detailed as focusing on infrastructure expansion, business process automation, cyber security enhancement, and technology education for staff.

The Commissioner reiterated his thanks to the Korean government and its people, expressing eagerness to see the fruits of this collaboration. “We are eager to see the fruits of this collaboration as we continue to transform our force, leveraging every tool at our disposal to ensure the safety and security of our beautiful nation,” he concluded.

This technological enhancement is expected to significantly boost Jamaica’s capabilities in addressing various security challenges, marking a critical step forward in the nation’s ongoing efforts to modernize its policing services.