A Kingston higgler was charged with Possession of Prohibited Weapon and Unauthorized Possession of Ammunition in relation to a seizure along Olympic Way on Monday,February 26.

Charged is 20-year-old Stephon Haslom of Tamarind Turn, Kingston 11.

Reports from the Hunts Bay Police are that about 12:50 p.m., a team of lawmen were on duty at a polling station in the area when they observed Haslom acting in a manner that aroused their suspicion. He was accosted and a knapsack he was carrying searched. One Glock 26 Pistol fitted with a magazine containing five 9mm cartridges was found in his possession.


He was taken into custody and the charges laid against him.


 His court date is being finalised.


Read more: https://jcf.gov.jm/st-elizabeth-man-charged/