The St. Mary Police Division has made a significant breakthrough in the fight against vehicle theft. Following a meticulous investigation, police uncovered a large-scale car-stealing operation involving over 40 vehicles across two sites in the parish of St. Mary.

On the night of Saturday January 20, a white Toyota Axio and a black Mark X were reported stolen from the Oracabessa and Three Hills areas. In a remarkable turn of events, the owner of the Axio, equipped with a tracking device, traced the vehicle to Rocky Hill district. This area now identified as a major hub for dismantling stolen vehicles; housed 35 vehicles, predominantly grey Axios, indicating a specific target for the theft ring.

A further probe into the vicinity led to the discovery of another 7 vehicles at a nearby location, bringing the total count to 42 recovered vehicles of various models, all which were scrapped, with some still retaining their license plates.

The prompt action by the police, in coordination with the vehicle owner’s tracking devices, led to the swift recovery of the stolen vehicles. The owners of the Axio and Mark X were immediately notified and have since reclaimed their vehicles.

The Commanding Officer of the St. Mary Police Division, Superintendent Bobbette Morgan-Simpson, notes the significant scale of this operation, emphasizing the large number of Axios involved. This discovery highlights the persistent issue of motor vehicle theft in the region and the sophisticated methods employed by criminal networks.

The police are now conducting a thorough investigation into this car-stealing ring with the aim of apprehending those responsible and preventing future occurrences of such crimes.

We urge the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. The St. Mary Policing Division remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens and their property.

For more information or to report any relevant information, please contact the Oracabessa Police Station at 976-975-3233, 119 Police Emergency number or the nearest police station.