Twenty-eight-year-old Rahajay Green, a musician of Victoria Street, Kingston 16 was charged with Simple Larceny following an incident with a female in his community on Sunday, January 07.

Reports from the Elleston Road Police are that about 12:15 a.m., Green and the complainant are involved in an intimate relationship. The accused had a sum of money in her possession of over JA$ 530,000.00 – Green reportedly took it from her and placed it under a mattress for safekeeping. They allegedly spent the night together and in the morning the complainant left for work and later returned home and discovered that the money was missing.

The accused contacted the police and the man Green handed over a portion of the money valued at JA$300,000.00 and could not account for the remains. A report was made, and he was subsequently arrested and charged in the presence of his attorney.

His court date is being finalised.