The Jamaica Constabulary Force takes all reports of missing persons seriously, and applies the requisite attention in efforts to have each person return home safely. 


The Constabulary continues to deploy a significant amount of resources in multiple missing persons cases; investigations into these have revealed that a number of these persons were in fact not missing, but had willingly left their places of residence without the knowledge of family members or friends.


Against this, we are strongly encouraging people to inform loved ones or friends of their intention to leave home, and of their whereabouts once they have arrived at the intended destination. This is an important personal safety plan that will not only reduce the anxiety and panic felt by loved ones who are unable to confirm your wellness, but also allows for the Constabulary to devote greater resources to persons whose lives may in fact be in danger.In cases where persons are missing, information about where they went also speeds up the investigation and produces more favourable outcomes. 


We understand and appreciate individuals’ need for privacy, but we have a sworn duty to respond to and allocate all necessary resources to thoroughly investigate each case. Disingenuous cases have the potential to utilise and reduce resources that are critically needed for high-risk cases. 


We encourage the public to be responsible and deliberate in the sharing of their whereabouts and help us to keep you safe. At the same, we continue to urge the public to advise us when a loved one goes missing and to provide as much information as possible, including a recent photograph.