Detectives from the Kingston Western Proactive Investigation Unit have cracked a multimillion dollar fraud case, following the arrest and charge of the main suspect.


The development follows investigations into a motor vehicle auction scam, where complainants have been fleeced of millions of dollars.


The accused has been identified as Shawn Latham, a 35-year-old merchandiser, of Knightsdale Drive, Kingston 19, who has been charged with Obtaining Money by False Pretence and Fraudulent Conversion.


Detectives report that between Wednesday, June 9 and Monday June 14, Latham used the image and name of Government Minister and Western Portland Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz to lure unsuspecting people to purchase motor vehicles through an alleged auction at the Kingston Wharf.  Through phone calls and instant messaging, Latham told the complainants that he was Daryl Vaz and he had connections with upcoming motor vehicle auctions. The complainants subsequently paid out over $4-million to the accused man for two motor vehicles.


After the money was paid over, the complainants suspected some ambiguities and reported the matter to the Police. A sting operation was arranged by the Police on June 14, where the accused man was arrested.


The Constabulary wishes to make it clear that accused man is no way connected to Mr Daryl Vaz nor does he have any authority to conduct business on his behalf.  The accused man is being investigated by the Fraud Squad for several other cases that have a similar modus operandi.


The Constabulary is urging the public to be wary of persons utilizing trusted organisations or individuals, while preying on unsuspecting persons. Persons should always seek to do business through the official channels and procedures and avoid any scheme that appears ‘too good to be true’.