A policeman has been charged with Murder and several breaches of the Firearms Act as the probe into the December 27 killing of a Clarendon farmer deepens.

He is 32-year-old Constable Jimoke Ingram of Longville Park, Clarendon.

In the first instance, Ingram and 33-year-old Sheldon Harris, a car wash operator als of Longville Park, were charged jointly with Murder, Posession of a Prohibited Weapon, Unauthorized Possession of Ammunition and Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felon. These charges stem from the shooting death of 59-year-old farmer Donnett Lowe, also of a Longville Park address.

Reports from the Clarendon Police are that about 4:45 a.m., two men, one armed with a gun, visited Lowe at his home and engaged him in a brief conversation. Shortly after, explosions were heard, and the police were alerted. On their arrival, Lowe was seen lying in a pool of blood with gunshot wounds to his upper body. He was assited to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The swift action of lawmen led to the arrest of the duo, and they were subsequently pointed out during an identification parade later the same day.

Investigators, in pursuit of evidence relative to the murder of Lowe, were led to Constable Ingram’s home, where an operation was conducted.

A search of the premises was done in the presence of Ingram and 32-year-old customer service representative, Shanika Simpson, who also resides at the address.

The search resulted in the recovery of hundres of rounds of ammunition, and an illegal handgun. The items seized were:

  • One pistol
  • Two hundred and sixteen 5.56 rounds
  • One 20-gauge cartridge
  • Fifteen 12-gauge cartridges
  • Forty-seven 9mm rounds
  • Twenty-six 7.62 rounds
  • Sixty-eight.38 special rounds
  • Nine M16 magazines
  • One sub-machine gun magazine
  • Two pistol magazines

Ingram and Simpson were then slapped with the following charges in relation to the seizure:.

  • Possession of Prohibited Weapon
  • Unauthorized Possession of Ammunition
  • Dealing in Prohibited Weapon
  • Stockpiling of Prohibited Weapon and
  • Unauthorized use of Premises for the storage of Firearm.

The policeman and his co-accused are scheduled to appear in the May Pen Parish Court on Monday, January 08.