In a recent keynote address, Prime Minister Andrew Holness challenged the current United States travel advisory, questioning its alignment with Jamaica’s significant strides in reducing crime rates. The Prime Minister’s remarks came during a national security seminar, where he highlighted the progress Jamaica has made in combating crime and violence.


“Though the rates of crime are declining, sadly, the perception has not moved in the same positive direction,” Holness stated, pointing to a disconnect between Jamaica’s achievements in lowering crime statistics and the image portrayed by the travel advisory. He emphasized that recent data showed a marked decrease in major crimes, with murders down by 7.8% and shootings by approximately 6%, marking Jamaica’s lowest level of crime in more than 22 years.


The Prime Minister expressed concerns over the travel advisory’s impact on Jamaica’s reputation, especially in light of these positive developments. “Many Jamaicans feel the level of crime is still high, despite them not being a victim of crime themselves,” he noted, suggesting that perceptions of safety and actual safety are diverging in the country.


Holness argued that the advisory does not reflect the reality on the ground, where improvements in public safety are evident. “In the view of the recent US Travel Advisory, it is clear that, based upon all the statistics that I’ve given you and the direction in which we’re heading, that the advisory is at variance with the statistics as improvements are evident,” he remarked.


The Prime Minister’s challenge to the travel advisory underscores a broader issue of perception versus reality in Jamaica’s ongoing battle against crime. He acknowledged the need to bridge the gap between how safety in Jamaica is perceived externally and the actual security situation, which has seen significant improvements thanks to the government’s comprehensive crime-fighting strategies.


Holness’s comments reflect a call for a reassessment of the travel advisory, urging for a portrayal of Jamaica that matches its efforts and successes in ensuring the safety and security of both its citizens and visitors. Through his address, the Prime Minister conveyed a strong message of commitment to continuing the fight against crime, while also advocating for a fair and accurate representation of Jamaica’s security landscape on the international stage.