Charges have been laid against  28-year-old Nigel Pusey, a car washer of Red Pond district, Frazer’s Content in St. Catherine following an incident on St. John’s Road in St. Catherine on Friday, January 19.


The charges are:

1.      Possession of Prohibited Weapon

2.      Assault at Common Law

3.      Abduction and

4.      Malicious destruction of property

Reports from the Spanish Town Police are that about 6:20 p.m., Pusey went to the home of a woman he had a relationship with, smashed her windows and cut her light wires. He later approached the woman who was on way home from work and pointed a firearm at her before instructing her to get into his vehicle. Pusey then drove to a petrol station in the area, where he stopped to get petrol. Whilst there, the woman made her escape and reported the matter to the police.

Pusey was subsequently arrested and formally charged on Friday, January 26. He is scheduled to appear before the St. Catherine Parish Court on Friday, February 2.



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