The leadership of the St. Thomas Division is urging residents to desist from carrying out attacks on persons and to instead allow the police to carry out their duties.

The warning comes as detectives confirm that an unidentified man was mobbed by residents who mistakenly believed that he was Davian Bryan, the man suspected of abducting two girls in St. Thomas last week.

Warning that persons can be arrested and charged if implicated in a mob killing, Superintendent Allison Byfield, officer in charge of the St. Thomas Division, said, “If and when you see the suspect, contact the police. It serves no one’s interest for persons to take justice in their own hands.”

An unidentified man was mobbed in Llandewey district in St. Thomas on Wednesday, October 20.

Reports from the Bath Police are that about 7:30 a.m., residents saw the man in a section of the community, attacked and beat him. The Police were summoned and on their arrival, the man was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.