In a recent address at the Video Identification Unit (VIU) conference on January 17, 2024, Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson hailed the VIU as a linchpin in the transformative journey of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). His remarks shed light on the pivotal role VIU plays in modernizing the force and contributing to the overarching goal of creating a safer Jamaica.


Harnessing Technology for Crime Resolution

Commissioner Anderson began by acknowledging VIU’s technological prowess, emphasizing its role in resolving complex cases. He stated, “The unit, as considered self, has always been a technology unit. A unit that uses technology to great effect to identify persons…” This acknowledgment underscores the force’s commitment to leveraging technology as a powerful tool in crime resolution.


Reflecting on VIU’s 15-year history, the Commissioner highlighted the unit’s transition from conventional identification methods to cutting-edge computer-based identification. He noted, “Now the idea of taking the actual ID parade to wherever, wherever you want is also significant…” This evolution not only showcases the force’s adaptability but also positions VIU at the forefront of technological advancements in law enforcement.


Commissioner Anderson stressed the importance of public engagement and transparency. He praised VIU for its role at the JCF’s Transformations Expo in May 2023 where it provided the public with a rare opportunity to witness the intricate workings of identification processes, stating, “So you had an opportunity last year in May to show the public what you do. Probably they had no idea before…” This transparency, according to the Commissioner, is vital in building public confidence and understanding of the force’s capabilities.


VIU’s Impact on High-Profile Cases: A Measure of Success

The Commissioner acknowledged the public’s growing expectation for swift resolutions in high-profile cases, symbolized by their metaphorical stopwatch. He remarked, “There’s an expectation though, that when something happens when there is a difficult case, something of high public interest… the public sets a stopwatch to see how quickly we will get to the bottom of it.” VIU’s contributions in such cases, such as the Daniel Rowe case, highlight its instrumental role in meeting these expectations and gaining public trust.

The VIU as a Catalyst for a Safer Jamaica

Linking VIU’s technological capabilities with the broader vision for a safer Jamaica, Commissioner Anderson conveyed his confidence in the force’s trajectory. He stated, “I believe we are going from strength to strength and it’s working.” VIU, with its focus on technology and professionalism, exemplifies the force’s commitment to continuous improvement in its quest to make Jamaica a safer country.


Commissioner Anderson’s remarks underscore VIU’s critical role in the JCF’s transformation and modernization efforts. By embracing technology, ensuring transparency, and contributing to the resolution of high-profile cases, VIU emerges as a technological steward, paving the way for a safer and more secure Jamaica. As the force continues its journey, VIU remains at the forefront, exemplifying the commitment to excellence and innovation in law enforcement.




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