Three foreign nationals are among seven people charged with Illegal Possession of Firearm and Illegal Possession of Ammunition following the seizure of an illegal weapon on Salem main road, St. Ann on Wednesday, December 15.

They are:

·         Chrisan Codling, 29-year-old, medical assistant of Maryland, USA

·         Rasheedi Jacobs, 29-year-old, soldier of Ipswich, United Kingdom

·         Tamecka Carter-Jacobs, 29-year-old, quality officer of Ipswich, United Kingdom

·         Gavin Barnett, 31-year-old, farmer of Albert Town, Trelawny

·         Lisandre Jacobs, 25-year-old, student of Stettin district in Albert Town, Trelawny

·         Yakeim Shaw, 24-year-old, farmer of Stettin district in Albert Town, Trelawny

·         Riandre Jacobs, 20-year-old, student, also of Stettin district in Albert Town, Trelawny.

Reports from the Runaway Bay Police are that about 9:30 p.m., a police team acting on information intercepted a Toyota Isis motorcar. A search of the vehicle and its occupants was conducted and one Taurus 9mm pistol with a magazine containing twelve 9mm cartridges was found inside a cross-bag beneath the front passenger seat.

All seven people were subsequently charged. Their court date is being finalised.