The St. James police have laid Housebreaking and Larceny charges against a 14-year-old boy of Retirement district, Gutters and two 15-year-olds of Mud Valley district, Retirement, all in the parish, following an incident along Fairfield Avenue, Irwin, also in St. James, on Friday, September 29.

Reports from the Montego Bay police are that about 8:27 a.m., a man and a woman securely locked their home and left. On their return, they realized that the front and back doors to their home had been pried open and a section of the grill to their front entrance door had been cut away. Further checks revealed that the house had been ransacked; two shotguns, cash in both local and foreign currencies, and a laptop, among other things, were stolen from a metal safe.

The matter was reported to the police, and an investigation was immediately launched. The firearms were recovered in a section of the Retirement community during an operation in the area a few days after the incident.

The boys were taken into custody and subsequently charged following a series of additional operations in the parish between October 5 and November 11.

They are scheduled to appear in the St. James Family Court on Tuesday, November 21.