Members of the public are advised that under the authority of section 22 of the Constabulary Force Act the Superintendent of Police in-charge of the Portland Division is implementing the following changes to the flow of traffic along West Street and inside the Port Antonio Marina. The changes will be in effect between the hours of 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (or as the need arises) on the following dates if there is traffic congestion in Port Antonio on:

  1. Wednesday September 8, 2021 to Saturday September 11, 2021
  2. Wednesday September 15, 2021 to Saturday September 18, 2021.


A. West Street will be converted into a one-way road for all west bound traffic with the

exception of motor trucks.

B. Motor trucks will NOT be permitted to access the Marina and will continue their journey

along West Street (both east and west bound).

C. If the traffic is flowing smoothly, the officer on duty may allow taxis which terminate their

journey at the cenotaph to travel easterly along West Street.

D. The designated no parking areas along West Street will remain in force.


A. As the need arises, with the exception of motor trucks and some taxis, all east bound traffic

will be diverted through the west gate of the Port Antonio Marina and will exit through the

east gate.

B. No vehicle will be allowed to enter the Marina through the east gate.

C. Parking inside the Marina will be restricted to the designated parking lots or to one side of

theroadway, as determined by the police officers on the ground.

D. The speed limit inside the Marina will be 20 km/h and must be observed by all motorists

accessing the Marina.

  1. No overtaking is permitted inside the Marina.

F.The flow of traffic inside the Marina will be one-way and will only accommodate east bound

traffic. The management and staff of the Portland Police Division remains committed to

ensuring that public order is maintained and will assess the situation on the ground and make

the necessary adjustments if necessary.