Following several operations in Oliver Gardens, May Pen, Clarendon on Wednesday, January 03, detectives from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC), the Caribbean Search Centre, Canine Division and lawmen from the Clarendon Division have successfully rid the nation’s street of several firearms and over 80 assorted rounds of ammunition.

This resulted from the canvassing of a premises on Smith Avenue, Oliver Gardens, home of a Clarendon electrician. The search yielded one 9mm pistol loaded with four 9mm rounds of ammunition.

A further search was carried out when two additional weapons were found in the ceiling:  One Sig Sauer 9mm pistol loaded with ten 9mm rounds and one Mini Gap 8mm pistol loaded with ten 8mm rounds. One empty sig Sauer magazine and ten 8mm cartridges were also found at the premises.

Following investigative leads, the team carried out an operation at Alexander Avenue, in the parish when the 23-year-old suspect was seen running from a house clutching a bag. He was apprehended and the following weapons were found in his possession:

  • One Intro-Tech sub-machine gun with a magazine containing seven 9mm rounds of ammunition.
  • One Colt .380 pistol with a magazine containing five .380 rounds of ammunition, and
  • ⁠One plastic bottle containing twenty-seven .380 rounds of ammunition.

Another premises in the area was searched and one Browning pistol with a magazine containing eleven 9mm cartridges was found.

Two men were taken into custody; however, their identities are being withheld pending further investigations.