A Clarendon teen was today sentenced in the Home Circuit Court following an incident in which a Police Constable was injured on a section of the PJ Patterson Highway in Clarendon on Saturday, February 27, 2021.


The 16-year-old male who was charged on Friday, March 5 with Wounding with Intent, Assault with Intent to Rob and Illegal Possession of Firearm was sentenced as follows:

·      Six years for Wounding with Intent

·      Five years for Illegal Possession of Firearm, and

·      Three years for Assault with Intent to Rob

His sentences are to run consecutively.


The Clarendon Detectives report that about 3:00 a.m., the constable stopped on the roadway to attend to his motor vehicle when he was pounced upon by a lone man armed with a firearm and a knife. A tussle ensued and the gunman was disarmed, however; the officer received several stab wounds before the gunman escaped. An investigation was launched which led to the apprehension of the teen, who later confessed in the presence of his parent and two Justices of the Peace.