to truly serve the people of Jamaica, in the office of Constable without favour or affection, malice or ill will… to see and cause the people’s peace to be kept and preserved…prevent to the utmost of my power, all offences against the same.” – Excerpts from the Police Oath of Office

This excerpt, taken from the JCF oath of office of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, were acknowledged, understood and spoken into being by JCF members who are no longer alive and able to actively serve. They are heroes nonetheless, because their decision to serve made an impact. They were a part of something greater than themselves and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) celebrated and acknowledged them for their contribution to the Force for Good during its National Commemorative & Memorial Church Service on Sunday, November 20.

Observing the theme ‘Relentless Pursuit of Excellence: A Force for Good’,  this service honored 25 men and five women who gave of themselves and contributed to the development of the force and by extension the nation until their death.

For an individual to make the decision to serve their country in ways that require them to constantly extend themselves, adjust, sacrifice and commit to the job takes tenacity and courage. Those are character traits that are not associated with the weak. These men and women were bold in their intentions to play their part as best as they could to serve this nation.

Major General Antony Anderson who gave the opening remarks at the service stated, “This service gives us an opportunity to reflect on our own individual and collective contribution to the safety of our citizens.”

Major General Anderson also made mention of Sergeant Victor Francis and Corporal Oliver Mullings who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty protecting others.

The JCF not only acknowledges the members who passed but stands with their families and loved ones. Anderson spoke to the number of things the JCF does to honor the family and in particular the children of these fallen officers. He said, “that connection between them and the JCF doesn’t disappear on their death but continues afterwards.”

Anderson expressed that he and other members of the Constabulary’s high command will be hosting some of the children at a luncheon scheduled this week at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston this Tuesday as a part of honoring their parent’s legacy.

Dr. Gary Buddoo-Fletcher, Force Chaplain who delivered the message at the service engaged his audience saying, “As police officers and civil society at large, everybody doing their little bit in making a positive impact on society will help to change our country into the nation we want to see.”

The Jamaica Constabulary Force will continue to celebrate its 155th anniversary this November, while observing the theme ‘Relentless Pursuit of Excellence: A Force for Good.’