Increased operational activities in the St. Catherine South Police Division has led to the third firearm seizure in six days. 

This latest seizure occurred on Monday, September 6, during an operation on Myrtle Way in Waterford, St. Catherine where two men ran on seeing the Police leaving behind a bag. The bag was retrieved and it contained a .38 revolver with five .38 cartridges. 

Lamwen previously arrested and charged a man on September 4, following the seizure of a .380 Bersa pistol and four rounds of ammunition during an operationon Port Henderson Road, Portmore, in the parish. He was identified as 27-year-old Ricardo Byrd, otherwise called ‘Fuller’ and was charged with Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition. 

On Tuesday, August 31 police, on operation in Naggo Head in the parish, seized a Mac-11 submachine gun loaded with 5 rounds of ammunition. No arrest has yet been made in relation to the seizure of this high-powered weapon. 

“The St. Catherine South Police will continue to increase operations across the division and are appealing to law abiding citizens to partner with the Police and provide information”, said Superintendent Hopton Nicholson, Operations Officer for St. Catherine South.