Senior investigators from the St. Andrew South Division have made a major breakthrough into investigations surrounding the theft of approximately $8 million dollars’ worth of liquor from Red Stripe on Spanish Town Road in St Andrew on Sunday, December 26. 


The robbery occurred between 1:00 a.m., and 2:00 a.m., when four men allegedly entered the premises, tied up a security guard who was on duty, gained access to the warehouse and stole 1440 cases of Red Stripe beer and Dragon Stout before leaving the premises.

Investigations have led to the seizure of a blue and yellow Freightliner truck—one of two trucks reportedly involved in the robbery—on Monday, December 28 along Metcalfe Road in Kingston.


Further operations led to 100 crates of beer being recovered at Ebenezer Avenue, New Haven, Kingston 19 and an additional 600 cases of beer being recovered at Bond Street in the Kingston Western division.


One man is in custody and the St. Andrew South Police have identified 40-year-old Christopher Rose of 4th Street, Greenwich Town, as a Person of Interest in the ongoing investigation in the parish.


Rose or anyone knowing him is being asked to make contact with detectives at the Hunts Bay Police Station at (876) 923-7111 or crime stop at 311 immediately.