In response to a recent upsurge in fatal road crashes, Commissioner of Police, Dr. Kevin Blake is spearheading initiatives aimed at fostering a safer environment for all road users by addressing behaviours associated with road accidents.

Despite a 5% decline in road fatalities compared to the same period last year, with 112 recorded fatalities since the beginning of 2024, Commissioner Blake has identified a concerning trend prompting the need for a strategic response. “While this decrease is encouraging, the troubling pattern of road fatalities necessitates urgent action from the JCF to adapt and enhance our strategies to prevent further loss of life. These include addressing issues such as speeding, impaired driving, failure to use seatbelts and helmets, and other reckless practices endangering lives,” Blake emphasized.

The Commissioner highlighted that a staggering 87% of the fatalities were males, pointing to a gender-specific risk factor that demands attention. Additionally, vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, pedal-cyclists, motorcyclists, and pillions, accounted for 59% of the fatalities, indicating a pressing need for targeted interventions to protect these at-risk populations.

In response to these challenges, Commissioner Blake announced collaborative efforts with partners and stakeholders to intensify their response. “Enforcement of traffic laws is paramount for saving lives, not merely issuing tickets. Our approach will be multifaceted, combining rigorous enforcement with public education campaigns on various platforms to cultivate a culture of road safety,” the Commissioner affirmed.

Commissioner Blake’s proactive leadership underscores the JCF’s commitment to reducing road fatalities and ensuring the safety of all road users across Jamaica.

He was speaking at his first 2024 quarterly press briefing held at his office on Tuesday, April 09.